About Me

Presley Blue Church |  Boulder Colorado  |  Boulder High School  |   12th Grade

I am a senior at Boulder High School looking forward to applying my industrious and creative tendencies in working toward a career in fashion design.

As a student, I know that nothing can be achieved without hard work and tenacity.  I choose to take difficult courses in school because I believe that without struggle and motivation to understand, you can’t truly be learning. My implication of these values has resulted in my making the honor roll every semester.

As a designer, I know that originality is a must.  I believe that true fashion has a purpose: it takes a stand, it conveys an emotion, it reflects the time period, it predicts the future. I have been sewing since I was four, and I use my knowledge of construction to inspire my designs. Staying busy through school, work, and personal passions, especially music, has taught me the importance of responsibility and reliability while also reminding me the importance of combining work and passion.

As I apply to college and consider my future, I have realized that I don’t want to just become a designer, I want to make a difference.  Through my work in Recycled Runway, my job at Indiesew (https://indiesew.com), and my life in environmentally conscious Boulder, CO,  I have become increasingly interested in sustainable fashion.  In college, I intend to study fashion design and to research sustainable and ethical alternatives to our modern fashion industry.  Using my creativity I have developed from my passion for art and my determination I have learned through my education, I will contribute positively to the future of fashion.