About Me


Presley Blue Church

  Boulder, Colorado  |  Cornell University

As a Fashion Design Major in Cornell University’s Fiber Science and Apparel Design  program, I am looking forward to exploring the artistic, technical, business, and sustainability aspects of the fashion industry.


I worked with persistence to be a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Boulder High School and built a reputation as a motivated and curious student. This curiosity and tenacity has taught me the power of hard work, and I continue to strive for academic and professional success. As a first semester freshman I made the College of Human Ecology’s Dean’s List.


My experience in Trash the Runway, my collaboration with Inside the Greenhouse through the University of Colorado Boulder, my work at Indiesew, and my upbringing in environmentally conscious Boulder has inspired in me a sustainable design interest. I am excited to explore sustainable design solutions for the fashion industry.