About Me


Presley Blue Church

Boulder, Colorado  |  Cornell University

As a rising sophomore in Cornell University’s  Fiber Science and Apparel Design program, I am excited to be exploring unique aspects of the fashion industry. The power of this industry is found in its web of creativity, business, innovation, influence, environmentalism. It both forms history and is informed by it. I’m particularly interested in technical design and believe it to be the intersection of all these fields. Despite COVID-19’s interruption of studio based education, I look forward to getting back to Cornell and continuing my design education. 

My experience in Trash the Runway, my collaboration with Inside the Greenhouse through the University of Colorado Boulder, and my upbringing in environmentally conscious Boulder has inspired in me a sustainable design interest. My work at Indiesew and Anthem Branding have helped foster my love of patternmaking and technical design.

As I continue to incorporate research, technicality, and informed concept articulation into my work, I’m always looking for ways to draw all my interests into fashion design.