About Me

Presley Blue Church

Boulder, Colorado  |  Cornell University

As a Fiber Science and Apparel Design Major at Cornell University, I am interested in sustainability and transparency in the fashion supply chain, and informed, technical, ethical design. As a citizen of earth, I am invested in creative climate communication and sustainable solutions across all industries.

I am a hard-working Dean’s List student that appreciates classroom, studio, and experiential learning. Because of Covid-19 and the nature of my courses, I decided to take a year leave of absence from school. That is the best decision I could have made:

Beginning in summer 2020, I began working for Inside the Greenhouse, a creative climate communication organization based in my hometown at the University of Colorado Boulder. That work has expanded from one organization to many including Shhh, It’s Real!, Solve Climate by 2030, and the Colorado Local Science Engagement Center. You can learn more about these positions here.

I am fully immersed in the climate communications world, flexing my marketing, branding, and media muscles. My design background allows me to approach climate and communication issues creatively while my academic motivation pushes me toward a deeper understanding of the climate crisis.

I am excited to continue forging new paths between environmentalism, communication, design and fashion. A continued supporter of science, I will continue to incorporate research, technicality, and informed concept articulation into my creative and technical designs.

I am soaking up every opportunity  and ray of sunshine my Colorado gap-year has to offer, and I can’t wait to take these new skills and intensified passion for climate communication back to my Cornell design studies.