Recycled Runway 8

Recycled Runway is an independent study workshop in Boulder, Colorado, where students grades 6-12 design, pattern, construct, and model garments made completely from landfill bound material to promote sustainability in the community.  

This outfit focuses on material manipulation.  The bustier and shorts include paper sequins that were individually hole punched and hand sewn so that they can be flipped to reveal another view of the garment.  When flipped up, all the sequins are white, but when flipped down they reveal a blend of reds and pinks.  The skirt, made from a hand constructed paper “textile,”  provides movement to the look.  This took well over 100 hours to construct, earning runner up in the competition.

Media: Christmas Cards, Paper

Date: 2017

Recycled Runway 8 (Second Prize)

Video: Produced by Inside the Greenhouse 2017 in collaboration with Recycled Runway.