Shhh It’s Real!

Shhh, It’s Real! Climate Campaign uses entertainment and comedy to activate people to solve the climate crisis. We aren’t activists, we are ACTIONISTS giving you information and a directive to engage your community to fight the human-caused climate crisis (H3C)! Our goal is to provide the next generation of climate actionists with the motivation and tools to #changeclimatechange! Through comedy, multimedia production, social media campaigns, podcasts, and more, Shhh, It’s Real is preparing its supporters to save the climate and the world!”


  • Planning team for Ten Thousand Teachers at Climate Week 2020
  • Pod Zero Podcast Promotion and Production
  • Social Media Strategy and execution
  • Graphic designer
  • Work closely with founder Chuck Nice and two other team members to brainstorm, plan, and execute a variety of climate communication projects
  • Create and manage website

Pod Zero

Communications, Production, Web Development intern

Pod Zero spotlights the climate crisis in an informative and entertaining fashion. Hosted by Chuck Nice, founder of Shhh, It’s Real!, Pod Zero urges listeners to get real and get involved in solving the climate crisis. Guests from scientists, to activists, to celebrities, and beyond will equip listeners with information to catalyze change.


  • Sit in on podcast interviews with industry leaders and record
  • Create promotional material
  • Create Podcast graphics and thumbnails
  • Work closely with host Chuck Nice

Ten Thousand Teachers

Communications and Production Intern

Hosts Chuck Nice and Max Boykoff of Inside the Greenhouse discuss climate communication with guests including Governor Jared Polis of Colorado, First Lady Tammy Murphy of New Jersey, Roy Wood Jr. of the Daily Show, and more!


  • Member of planning team that chooses and invites guests
  • Drafted questions for webinar speakers
  • Promotion and social media strategy
  • Production and recording during event
  • Live tweeted event