Take Up Space

Take up space.

Song Credit: “To Ponder” by GoMode
Poem: “Fire” by Judy Brown

I’ve spent the last year reflecting on how to live with intention. Wondering where to spend my worry, my energy, my joy…

Who gets a taste of that joy? And who shares with me their joy?

Beyond joy, where do I direct my passion? My angry passion, my heartfelt passion, my courageous passion, my soulful passion? My angryheartfeltcourageoussoulful passion?

When I practice that worry and energy and joy and passion, what space does it occupy? Each of my actions changes the way I take up space. My space. Your space. Our space.

And all of your worryandenergyandjoyandpassion takes up space. My space. Your space. Our space.

This collection is an invitation to consider what it means to take space with intention and create space with intention. My worryandenergyandjoyandpassion is so rooted in my morals. In my politics. In my actions. In my relationships with people, with the earth, with you, with me.

I want to root that worryandenergyandjoyandpassion… that space… in intention.

This collection was built in small pieces in a large amount of time, allowing me to take up space as inspiration struck, and lend space to the collection when it needed to breathe. Make space where it may be unexpected. Each piece could be paired with the next, each look taking up a different kind of space both on and off the body.

Translucent material interrupts the distinction between positive and negative space.

Neon lines too interrupt- holding their own space.

The body takes her own space- lends space to the material or fills it. The silhouette changes between poses, between garments, between locations.

The space between holds that power.

What is outside the space you take up?

Outside the lines, outside the binary?

What if you venture into that space?

What is inside the space you take up?

Who and what can you invite into your space?